6PCS/Set Universal Silicone Stretch

Material: Food Grade Silicone Lid sizes flexible Size:2.6", 3.7" 4.5", 5.7", 6.5" and 8.3"Color:blue or clear
Perfect For Bowls, Dishes, Plates, Cans, Jars, & Mugs. Conform to any shaped bowl whether round, square, rectangular, hexagon, etc.
Directions of use Stretch lid over the edge of the container. Push down on top of the cover and pull one of the tabs to create a vacuum and seal lid.
Made from Food-Grade silicone, Stretch Lids are dishwasher safe, washable, reusable and will not warp or leak.
Super Stretch Lids are a great way to keep your food safe and sealed. Each stretch lid has four beads around the edge for ensuring that your contents remain airtight.


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