2PACK Fish Scales Removel

This fish scaler is designed to clean the fish in 1 tool, including removing fish scales and opening fish belly, no need other tools.
Fast Descaling and Safe:
The stainless steel serrated blade design can remove fish scales very fast, and it can prevent you from cutting your hand when using because of its nonsharp design.
No Fish Scales Flying:
The fish scales collecting case with lid design collects fish scales when you use, so no fish scales flying, keeping your kitchen clean and saving your housework time
Ergonomic Design:
Comfortable to hold and use, gripping effortless, no kidding. You can hang it through the hole in the bottom when you do not use
A Rotatable Blade in the Handle Bottom:
Stainless steel blade, dustless and durable.Sharp but safe because it can be hidden in the handle when you do not use
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